Welcome to Tiegan's Site!

This is a placeholder for Tiegan's site. Pathetic I know after all this time but I realised that unless I made a move to get something accessible, I would never get around to making it happen.

I thought I would start with next steps, just to keep myself and others that know of the site posted on what to expect and to remind them to nag me about making it happen.

  • Think about creating/finding a more Tieganny theme (can you say pink and princessy?)
  • Access control: because as much as I like gossiping, I don't think the whole internet needs to know or care about most of it, while it might be interesting to family members and friends
  • Photos, photos, photos. Obviously this is the one everyone wants up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Some sort of news/blog with an rss feed. To help people keep up to date, and be able to comment on stuff, if they feel so inclined.
  • Admin for ourselves so maintaining the site does not become an impossible nightmare.
I think that covers it, esp. as a starting point. I hope you enjoy the results as they start appearing.